Monday, February 10, 2020

Charter Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Charter - Research Paper Example APEX brings together all business programs and units for efficiency in running the company as a whole. The Six Sigma Strategy is used by the company to improve its business operations. The improvement project as a whole aims at making sure that these best practices upheld by Raytheon function as they are supposed to for the general well-being of the company. The Program Management College is meant to provide training courses for the company managers and for other employees as well. Raytheon has always faced challenges in phasing out the start-up process of many of its running programs. To improve on this, it has established the Program Start-up process to ensure that every initiated program in the company has more than enough to see to it that it starts on a high note. The Program Management Forum aims at providing opportunities for managers to network and exchange ideas with managers of other companies on the best managerial skills. The management of the company has identified the existence of a gap in its business model whereby they report to the wrong people. This led to the creation of Program Structuring, Learning and Effectiveness to ensure more accountability on everybody’s part. This project is further based on a strong matrix model where reporting is done through integrated business models and cross business teams. These models are aimed at ensuring that the company is effective, efficient, and capable and utilizes its working capacity to the maximum. Raytheon has identified the need to improve its services and products. One of the major reasons for so doing is the rapid increase in the rate of competition for the services and products it offers. The company wants to become the best in the world of defense and information technology, hence the need to roll out a program that will help it to achieve this goal. The company has also established various goals that it wants to

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